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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I pick the right color?

Can you color match me? / What color suits me?

What are the ingredients?

What's the bottle size?

Do you have samples?

How do I remove the foundation?

What is the best way to apply the foundation?

How long does the foundation last?

Is the foundation waterproof?

Why was I advised to buy 2 shades?

Do you sell in physical stores?


What is the status of my order?

What is the status of my order? I do not have an order number

Can you please update my address / my order?

Can you please cancel my order?

My bottle is faulty. Can you help me?


Will I get charged automatically in the future after I place my order?

What are your payment methods?

My billing address is wrong. Can you please update?

Why did it charge me more than the amount of the foundation?

My card got declined. Can you help?